An external patch server for Jamf Pro


Kinobi is an external patch server (or patch source) for Jamf Pro. It provides a simple interface for creating and editing patch definitions, as well as the appropriate endpoints for Jamf Pro to connect to.

Kinobi screenshot


The latest release of Kinobi is available as a .run package via the Releases page.


For full documentation and installation guide, please see the Kinobi wiki.


Kinobi is designed to run on NetSUS 4.1.0 or later. Accordingly, Kinobi shares the same system requirements as NetSUS.

NetSUS 5.0 is recommended. If you are running NetSUS 5.0, you need to install Kinobi 1.1.

Getting Help

Discussion regarding Kinobi can be found on the #kinobi-dev channel on the MacAdmins Slack group.

Issues can be filed directly on GitHub, but please ensure the issue has not already been reported before doing so.